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Not Saying Adieu to the Elapsed, Federer. 

After Federer taking the first set 7-5 in the Madrid Semifinals, many would have thought that the 29-year-old legend would stage a surprise upset against the World No.1 Nadal. However, as a twist of fate, it was not to be. Nadal quickly raced to 4-0 in the second set and a bagel was looming. With all pride that the former world No.1 finally held serve in the 5th game and avoided the ignominy. The courage and determination displayed by Federer touched many fans and even himself remarked later after the match that he was not playing bad. Yes, you were not. As proud as always, the Swiss can lose but will never concede defeat, even after going winless in 6 matches against Nadal and Djokovic this season. 

Perhaps the photo suggests all. The once majestic and graceful has hung his head low; in stark juxtaposition from the new king who held up his head proudly and looked forward to the future. Yes, the flag of the Federer generation has furled up, nevertheless, his spirits will remain in the hearts of many tennis fans around the globe. Federer, you will never say Adieu. 

Nadal’s eyes sparkled with sadness as Federer left the stadium. As always, he clapped. However, this time there seems to be hundred knots of worry and anxiety in his pupils. His sorrowfulness seems to suggest that all these years of rivalry with Federer has bonded themselves together and so much so that he feels sad for his loss and is sympathetic. Maybe he treats him as a family member. At the same time he reveres him and in his heart the position of Federer is of an elevated level; nothing compares with that. 

Yes, the 24 times of contest between the two of the best sportsmen that have ever competed in the game of tennis have left so much invaluable memory to digest, to taste and appreciate. We hope there will be more pages written. Never say goodbye, Federer. 

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